Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hot e-mail IDs

Bored of the same Email Domains like or ... Do you want an email ID like: or ???

If answer is yes, then Coolhotmail is the service you need. Microsoft has launched this unique service in India, where users can get to chose unique customized Live Hotmail id’s from a list of over 130 names/domains.

There is a long list of domains to choose from :

(1) Where I Live : Whether you call Bombay your home, or Bangalore, get cool e-mail IDs as proof of residence!

(2) Who I like : Hrithik, SRK, Dravid, Sachin, Ash, Surya. Who is your favorite star? Exclusive e-mail IDs created for the top icons!

(3) Who I am : This is the best category I think to choose from. Are you hot? Or would you rather call yourself cool? Find an e-mail ID that describes your personality right here!

(4) What I Like : Sport, food, drink and lots of fun! IDs for all occasions. How many of these funky e-mail IDs have you got?

(5) I Don't Fit : Even if you don't fit in any of the above categories Microsoft has a category just for you . You’re in a class of your own, individuality is your key. It’s all about being you, in your own space. It’s about your e-mail ID!

Get your own hotmail ID at

Njoy !!!

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