Saturday, September 22, 2007

Detect an Invisible user on Yahoo Messenger!

Many people normally go to invisible mode when they don't want to chat with everyone or when they are busy with work . You know some one's ID and you want to check whether they are online or not ?? How will you detect a invisible user on Yahoo Messenger ??

Many methods are already available on the net at this moment like using Doodle IMvironment ,Shealth settings check , Voice Chat and Conference Invitation . Apart from these there are some programs like Buddyspy which can be used to spy your friends . These all might work or not. But I found out a sure way which can be used to detect users in invisible mode.

Try this out . Its simple and it really works . There is no need of installing anything for this.

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Anonymous said...

mr mazum dar is confusing everybody and wasting our time by giving false information doesnt provide any information abt the invisible id so its a bokwas site and also mazumdar is also a fake person

aandrr said...

detect yahoo status invisible easy with Yahoo invisible check

Anonymous said...

Here is how you can detect invisible users on yahoo messenger detector invisible

Anonymous said...

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